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About us

QA Talent Pool is a professional hub of Quality assurance professionals including software testers, team leads, managers and consultants.
Our goal is to help you find the right opportunity, a type that aligns with your unique experience and matches your skills to the right job. At QA Talent Pool we fast track endless opportunities to advance your career goals.
QA Talent Pool is the future of hiring. We aim to be the best online platform housing top talent in the IT industry. We are faster, reliable and cheaper than any other staffing agency throughout North America. We can beat our competitors within minutes and provide the best hiring experience for our candidates.
Our mission is to bring a responsive and objective IT recruitment service that fully supports the needs of both individual IT candidates and our corporate clientele. We aim to become a trusted recruitment partner that delivers quality results quickly across all IT departmental functional roles and technologies.


We house some of the best talents in the IT Industry. No job is too small and no client is too big. We work with businesses of all sizes and teams of all kinds. We deliver top-notch talent through our rigorous disciplines and skill matching engine which matches candidates based on key elements and skills metrics.


Technology is our strength. Our unique tech-driven platform aims to revolutionize the hiring process by cutting your time in half. It is powered by AI and proprietary based algorithms and our matching engine is built to show you talent that is ready to hire today.


Not everything can be automated! That's why you will always have a human touch at QA Talent Pool. We believe in managing relationships by Building relationships. We are only a phone call away.

Amazing Services

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Become Hire-Ready Candidate

As Hire-Ready candidate, you stand better chances of getting the job. Our unique tech-driven platform will match your skills with the job requirements and we will present you as talented and qualified candidate to the companies.

Use Your Profile with Companies

Your profile at QA Talent Pool can become a powerful tool for you when you refer it while you are applying for the jobs. The hiring managers will be able to see your skills, view your talents, and make a better decision.

Get Job Alerts

Now you dont have to search for jobs on different job boards. We track QA jobs from most of the job posting sites and companies. We can send you the job opening and let you know which jobs are most suited to your skills.

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Our built-in technology enables us to identify and match talent based on key elements such as technical skills, qualifications, experience and location. We allow our candidates to carefully select and identify their skills based on key matching criteria and questions.


We know how difficult it can be to identify whether or not a candidate has the right technical skills to get a job done. QA Talent Pool has built in test modules that candidates can complete and upload on their profiles. This allows employers to be able to not only see the skills but also measure how well they know their stuff!

Video Based Interviews

It's 2017, boring resumes and cover letters are outdated. At QA Talent pool we allow you to view your next hire through our video based profiles. Now you can see the entire interview of a candidate broken down into several parts. Simply chose with questions and answers you would like to watch and off you go.


Once you have identified and selected the candidate you like, simply connect with them and we do the rest. We then send the candidate an invite to view your job posting and allow them to connect with you directly. This process cuts down time in half and only alerts you when the same candidate you selected is interested in YOUR job, making life so much easier!

Pay when you HIRE

As simple as that. No upfront cost, No retainer, only pay us when you find your next hire. We believe in our product whole heartedly and we decided to create this because we are passionate about what we do. One in three of our candidates land a job with potential employers, so what are you waiting for?

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Desktop App

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Mac App

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Code Quality

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Get Hired by Some Amazing Companies

These companies are looking for you! The Best, Talented, Motivated, Skillful and Experienced QA Professionals.

Improve Your Chances of Getting the Job

QA Talent pool allows you to be visible to employers in the best way possible. We showcase your skills, experience and talent like no other. We believe that employers should see the very best of you hence why we created "HIRE- READY"

By becoming a hire ready candidate, employers will be able to fast track the entire hiring process making you a potential hire that much faster.Everything an employer needs to know about you will be showcased in the most impressive way you can imagine.

Get in Touch

Do you have any comments or ideas you would like to share with us? Please feel free to send us a message. We love to hear from our visitors and get their opinions! We are always looking for great new ideas to improve our services.

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